Trimble Enhances its Business Intelligence and Analytics Solution for Complete Access to Transportation Management System Data

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today that its business intelligence (BI) and analytics solution, Trimble Reveal, can now aggregate more data from a variety of business systems – transportation management, asset management, mobile communications systems and more – to provide insight into how a company operates. 

Reveal enables customers to access transportation specific pre-built calculations, reports, scorecards, dashboards, geographic maps and more to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement. Users have the ability to build custom integrations with other internal systems, such as HR and costing, to obtain a comprehensive profit and margin analysis.

With hundreds of BI solution implementations, Trimble’s customers receive a broad range of benefits from using one of the leading BI reporting and analytics tools on the market. Users can see improved profit margins, greater utilization, better customer satisfaction levels, enhanced on-time performance and steady driver retention numbers. 

“Data wrangling typically requires significant investment in software, hardware and people,” said Monica McCool, big data product manager at Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “We’ve created a one-stop data shop to enable customers to focus on improving their business using evidence rather than anecdotes and get them out of the business of data wrangling.”

The solution now offers the tools customers need – clean data from across their business input into a transportation-specific data model – ready to go with pre-built calculations and pre-configured scorecards and dashboards. When a company purchases Trimble Reveal, it will have access to collect data from all aspects of its business, whereas before, the company would have to choose which silos of the business it needed BI and analytics for. This enables users to win more by reducing operating expenses and increasing revenue through driver, fleet and fuel optimization.

“The key value for us was in the ‘pre-packaged’, transformed data solution and that it could be deployed for use in a fairly short time frame," said Walter Grigg, EVP, Transportation and Business Intelligence at Lawrence Companies. "Now that we have much more granular access to our information, we can leverage this to offer our customers better solutions to their problems."