Trimble Integrates its TruckMate TMS with SMC³’s Cost Intelligence System to Improve Analysis for Transport Carriers

New Connection Enables TruckMate Users Better Visibility into their Accounting Processes

SUNNYVALE, Calif., Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced the integration of its TruckMate® solution with SMC³’s Cost Intelligence System (CIS), now a product of SMC³, formerly known as TCG. TruckMate is a comprehensive and proven multi-modal dispatch, operations and accounting transportation management software (TMS) solution used by many of today’s leading carriers. The integrated solution will enhance TruckMate users’ visibility into activity-based costing, analysis and reporting through SMC³’s CIS. Less-than-truckload (LTL) carriers will be able to reap the benefit.

Through the integration, Trimble’s TruckMate customers can get an activity-based costing solution that was previously not offered. The tool helps carriers see what their costs are to move each shipment so they can analyze what areas they’re most profitable in. SMC³ provides solutions trusted throughout the industry.

This integration is especially beneficial for TruckMate customers who were looking to purchase CIS. It simplifies the CIS installation process by eliminating some of the upfront programming that would normally have to do be done to get a carrier connected. Less programming saves time and money on the front side, but more importantly, it enables carriers to start leveraging the CIS technology faster. This improves product functionality because faster integration compresses the whole onboarding cycle (i.e. from training, loading carrier data, to functionally using the CIS product). This enables the carrier to start making better pricing and portfolio management decisions sooner rather than later, which is extremely important in today’s competitive market.

Another specific value is that now small- to medium-size carriers, who may have small IT departments, have improved access to both technologies. Carriers previously wanting a cost intelligence system, but who were unable to justify it or use it because of cumbersome data population, can now use Trimble’s TruckMate integration with SMC3’s CIS to make better decisions and to increase their revenue per mile.

“By accessing CIS though Trimble’s TruckMate solution, LTL carriers benefit from unrivaled costing intelligence,” said Brian Thompson, CCO of SMC3. “Carriers can drill down to the shipment level of their operations and truly discover the keys to their profitability. Best of all, carrier integration is fast and easy, and once customers begin using CIS, they can benefit from SMC3’s broad array of LTL solutions for carriers.”

About SMC3

SMC³’s API-powered rating, transit-time and visibility solutions fuel TMS applications with unrivaled LTL analytical capabilities. As the single integration point for all carrier rate, transit and service information, SMC³ solutions travel beyond simple connectivity and empower shippers, 3PLs and carriers to collaborate and optimize decision making throughout the entire LTL lifecycle. With RateWare XL, customers can simplify LTL pricing and eliminate the costly tasks of sourcing, programming and maintaining data from multiple carriers. CarrierConnect XL compiles transit times and service detail from more than 300 carriers across North America, helping customers make the most informed choice for LTL shipments. And, the Cost Intelligence System is the premier activity-based costing and profitability management solution in the marketplace. Using the tool, truckload and LTL carriers can achieve superior profitability, minimizing the bad freight in their networks and focusing on the goods that make them money.

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