Trimble Recognizes Customers with 2018 in.sight Ovation Awards

Trimble (NASDAQ: TRMB) announced today the winners of its Ovation Awards, presented at the 2018 in.sight user conference + expo. The awards recognize customers that have best leveraged technology through innovations in integration, custom-tailored applications, process implementation, training methods and more.

“in.sight is a time for us to recognize the transformative ways our customers are using Trimble technology to drive the transportation industry forward,” said Ray West, senior vice president and general manager of TMS solutions, Trimble Transportation Enterprise. “This year’s Ovation Award recipients represent a diverse group of innovators who have leveraged technology to make more informed decisions, improve safety and maximize efficiencies.”

This year’s Ovation Awards featured several new award categories as well as the presentation of a combined award to Heniff Transportation Systems, Inc. Heniff has deployed technology solutions from a wide range of Trimble companies to achieve increased fuel economy, a reduction in maintenance costs and turnover rates, and streamlined processes related to order entry, dispatch and billing, all of which has resulted in an ROI that totals in the millions of dollars.

“The customers recognized this year have achieved remarkable performance improvements across their entire organization,” said Alicia Jarosh, CTP, vice president of customer experience – North America for Trimble Transportation Mobility. “These innovative users have also helped us expand our platforms and improve our solutions – helping us to create a better experience for each and every one of our customers.”

In addition to the combined award given to Heniff, winners were selected in the following categories:

Business Intelligence: TDR

TDR is using Data Warehouse and Reveal solutions to track key performance indicators (KPIs) such as driver’s earnings, driver productivity, driving behavior and on-time arrivals and departures. With fleet driver rankings, dispatchers are coaching drivers more effectively and improving performance. Revenue has increased by 23 percent after Reveal was implemented and TDR expects a 25 percent increase by the end of 2018.

Data Masters: Southeastern Freight Lines

Southeastern Freight Lines is leveraging Trimble’s vehicle performance and mileage reporting to be better prepared to address vehicle maintenance issues and improve system reliability. Southeastern Freight Lines has reduced on-the-road breakdowns by 80 percent, which directly impacts overall maintenance costs and driver efficiency.

Energy: Coastal Transport

Coastal Transport uses a wide range of Trimble solutions, creating a flexible system that is adaptable to its customers’ needs. Coastal Transport utilizes custom reports available in Fuel Dispatch, helping dispatchers maximize gallons and loads to reduce empty miles. Through the use of Total Mail Task Manager, Coastal Transport automatically schedules important alerts and company updates for drivers via their in-cab displays.

LTL/Intermodal/Specialty: Magnum Companies

Magnum leverages Trimble’s TruckMate and PeopleNet systems in a multi-company, single-platform environment to share data between divisions and back-office platforms to deliver customer freight with increasing efficiency across their 25 operational locations.

Maintenance: Bison Transport

Over the last five years, Bison Transport has leveraged TMT Fleet Maintenance program to successfully implement standard repair times, taking new measurable labor metrics and combining them with productivity, attendance and safety incidents to create a Shop and Technician Scorecard. This has resulted in a valuable benchmarking tool, as well as measurable efficiency gained – with more than $1 million saved over a 12-month period.

Non-Asset: NSD

NSD’s innovative use of technology has resulted in new features and benefits in TruckMate, with NSD now serving on the product advisory committee to help expand and improve the API model to provide a competitive edge for all customers.

Platform Pros: Coastal Transport

Coastal Transport uses a wide range of Trimble solutions, creating a flexible system that is adaptable to its customers’ needs. Coastal Transport recently implemented Android-powered in-cab displays, leveraging 4G LTE to improve driver connectivity and to enable solutions such as in-cab scanning to streamline communications across their entire fleet.

Private Fleet: DNK Management

With integration of Trimble’s DR Track into DNK’s back-end software, DNK has been able to share data with contact center workers for real-time information. With this technology, they have created a real-time text messaging service with a customer service bot and automated push notifications over the course of a route.

Rising Stars: Four Seasons

With the growth of four new business units and fast-growing parent company, Four Seasons needed a centralized transportation planning solution to consolidate a wide variety of requirements to be planned and executed. Trimble has helped them achieve this to better manage fleets, maintenance, DSD route planning, DPL transportation brokerage and more.


While leveraging Trimble solutions, UNFI has been able to consistently surpass their ROI goals, achieving a national idle percentage of 2.16 percent for their most recent period and 7.12 miles per gallon (MPG). UNFI has also begun to implement Trimble’s Video Intelligence solutions across 1,100 trucks, helping to provide potential liability protection in the event of an accident and to enhance driver coaching opportunities.

Safety Superteam: Estes Express Lines

In the most recent year-over-year comparison provided by Estes’ insurance partner, ROI information was provided in three key areas: reduction in accident costs, incidents per million miles and miles between occurrences. Through the use of Trimble’s Video Intelligence solution, Estes was able to reduce accident cost per mile by 15 percent and improve miles between occurrences by six percent.

Truckload: Magnum Companies

Magnum leverages Trimble’s TruckMate and PeopleNet systems to continue to grow its customer base, delivering accurate data to customers and increasing the sharing of data between Magnum’s different divisions and back office platforms.

The 2018 in.sight user conference + expo is taking place from Sept. 9-12 at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston. Hosted by Trimble, the three-day event features the leading companies from the transportation and logistics industries who will showcase the latest and greatest technologies.

Ovation Award winners are participating in panel discussions during the in.sight conference, giving attendees an opportunity to learn more about how to better deploy technology to increase efficiencies, lower costs and improve safety. For more information about in.sight, visit:

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