Trimble Transportation Celebrates 25 Years of Service to the Transportation Industry

Credits Customers for Growth and Success

BEACHWOOD, Ohio – Trimble Transportation, Inc., the largest provider of enterprise management software designed specifically for the transportation industry, is celebrating its 25th anniversary in April. Since 1983, TMW has been a trusted partner to successful transportation companies, growing from a single customer to more than 1,600. Today, TMW’s carriers haul over a billion tons of freight every year. Additionally, more than half of the Transport Topics Top 100 For-Hire Carriers utilize one or more TMW solutions. 

According to David Wangler, TMW’s president and CEO, this sustained success is linked directly to the strong relationships between the company and its customers. “Many of our customers have been with us for years because we have built a culture based upon understanding their needs and delivering practical solutions that deliver results. Going forward our mission remains clear – providing customer-driven solutions that help companies take better advantage of market opportunities, improve asset productivity and gain a better return on information.” 

TMW’s relentless focus on providing innovative solutions has led TMW to continually expand its offerings from the initial dispatch software of 25 years ago to a wide range of solutions driven by market need. Today’s offerings include the enterprise-wide TMWSuite, TL2000 and TruckMate management solutions, that leading fleets rely upon to run their businesses as well as focused products like IDSC ExpertFuel that allows companies to reduce fuel costs an average of $.04-.07 per gallon, MatchAdvice whose advanced algorithms allow fleet managers to achieve the optimal use of their assets and TMT Asset Maintenance which gives maintenance managers the power to ensure the availability of assets in the most cost effective manner. 

By combining his passion for trucking and technology, founder and now chairman Tom Weisz, created Trimble Transportation in 1983 with a vision of leveraging networks of personal computers to empower planners, dispatchers and customer service representatives with real-time information. Twenty-five years and 1600 customer successes later, TMW is recognized as the leading provider of enterprise management software to the transportation industry. 

“I recall my dream of wanting to make an honest contribution back in 1983 and I still feel that way today,” said Weisz. “I am proud to say that what we are doing today at TMW has far exceeded my expectations of 25 years ago. From day one, we committed ourselves to our customers and have provided them with the solutions that best met their needs. Our products and services have continued to evolve but our commitment to customer service has been unswerving. I am especially proud of the many long term relationships, now spanning decades, that we continue to enjoy with so many customers and employees” 

On September 1, 1984, Robin Transport, now Bavarian Motor Transport, went live using the first version of our dispatch software. Almost six years later, the company’s then current dispatch system was implemented action by the U.S. Army as its standard peace-time/go-to-war operational system. This platform saw action in Germany during Operation Desert Storm in 1990 and in Saudi Arabia in support of Operation Desert Farewell in 1991. Over the next 10 years, TMW saw its customer base climb to nearly 400 companies, introduced TMW Suite™, a true Enterprise Transportation Software solution, announced a new initiative focused on tracking and tracing assets via the Internet, and crossed the Atlantic Ocean to begin operations in Western Europe. 

Since celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2003, TMW has experienced tremendous growth, with an average organic growth rate in excess of 20% in each year. New products such as ResultsNow™, The Dawg, DriverZone™, DriverSeat™, D²Link, OnRoute™, Carrier Hub, WorkCycle and TMW Imaging. In 2006 TMW expanded its operations and market reach with the acquisition of Vancouver, BC based Maddocks Systems. In 2007 TMW expanded again with the addition of TMT Software and Integrated Decision Support Corporation. These recent additions to the TMW family include industry leading products such as TruckMate, CommandCenter, IDSC Netwise™, IDSC ExpertFuel™, IDSC MatchAdvice™, and TMT Asset Maintenance software. 

Looking ahead, the future remains bright for TMW’s 350 employees, who have dedicated themselves to the advancement of customer service and innovation, and the 1,600-plus companies which employ TMW solutions on over 325,000 power units and 1.1 million assets worldwide. Building from 25 consecutive years of growth, we look forward to serving the transportation industry for the next 25 years and beyond. 

About Trimble Transportation 

Founded in 1983, Trimble Transportation is committed to delivering customer-driven solutions that help companies take better advantage of market opportunities, improve asset productivity and gain a better return on information. TMW’s solutions are utilized in diverse markets, including trucking, 3PL, private fleet, construction, municipalities, and waste management. With offices in Cleveland, OH; Durham, NC; Indianapolis, IN; Dallas, TX, and Vancouver, British Columbia; TMW currently serves more than 1,600 customers managing over 325,000 power units and maintaining more than 1.1 million assets worldwide, including North America, Europe, China and Latin America. For more information, visit or call (800) 401-6682.