Dedicated and Private Fleets

Fleet Management Solutions for Private and Dedicated Fleets

Increasingly, private fleets are now outsourced to commercial carriers to operate as dedicated fleets, with expectations to bring lower costs with operational efficiencies, while maintaining high-touch customer service. If you manage a private fleet or offer dedicated carriage services as part of your commercial carrier operations, Trimble software can help transform your business. Our dispatch and fleet management software powers visibility, back-haul solicitation, load management and billing, routing and scheduling for multi-stop distribution.

Transportation management software

Get end-to-end management of your entire transportation lifecycle to improve operational efficiency and support company growth.

Asset maintenance software

Our solutions help you manage your fleet maintenance processes for greater cost control and improved resource utilization.

Routing, scheduling and dispatch solutions

Improve distribution efficiency and customer service while dramatically reducing planning time, overhead, and empty mileage with a complete platform.

Business intelligence

Leverage actionable insights from our business intelligence and analytics solutions to improve quality, eliminate costs, and grow your business.

Decision support and optimization tools

Our optimization software is specifically designed to work with your operations software to support better daily decisions that promote profitability, strategic analysis and decision support.

Freight visibility

By exposing the blind spots you didn’t even know you had, freight visibility technology empowers you to win new customers, manage complex demands, and improve profitability.

Cloud and managed services

Free your IT staff from day-to-day maintenance to focus on business improvement and revenue-generating projects.

Essential Business Tools for Both Dedicated and Private Fleets

Trimble fleet maintenance management solutions are essential business tools for both dedicated and private fleet operations.

  • Does your fleet operation need to integrate with a corporate ERP, financial or order management system? Trimble software is both scalable and configurable, easily connecting with other business systems to streamline data and transaction flows. Our extensive integration experience with diverse ERP packages, including SAP and Oracle, can help you realize the full benefits of TMW fleet-focused business solutions and cost control designed for transportation activities, within your corporate or your customer’s IT environment.

  • Not concerned with backhaul but befuddled by multi-stop, multi-order delivery routing? Trimble’s routing and scheduling solutions may be just what you need to bring your private or dedicated fleet operations under smarter cost control.

  • Need to track equipment uptime and life-cycle costs? Track and maintain your material handling equipment, tractors, trailers and more with Trimble’s comprehensive fleet maintenance management solutions. Improve mechanic and shop bay utilization, increase your warranty recovery dollars and reduce costs with optimized parts inventory.

"From the time we started rolling out TMW operations, it made it easier on us to streamline our processes, it's very flexible. From the very start, we've been able to put our own flavor within the product with a lot of the hooks that are available within TMW, to make things work the way we need to."

Matthew Battista, Vice President, NFI

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