Bid, Don't Bet

Unlike most RFP systems, Engage.Bid was designed expressly for carriers and brokers by data scientists and Freight Pricing Experts. Engage.Bid supports growing operations and is TMS-independent, working with any existing TMS including McLeod, MercuryGate, and Aljex, and can also support clients without a TMS.

For management and business analysts, Engage.Bid takes all the manual complications out of multi-round RFP’s and lane files. Our application efficiently organizes and indexes contracts and addendums while also providing a digital library of all the freight that comes in the door.

No More Spreadsheet Management

Engage.Bid Benefits:

  • Simplify conversion and analysis of shipper RFPs
  • Eliminate the need for multiple spreadsheets, emails, other time-intensive manual processes
  • Promote more competitive, profitable bids with TMW Market Rate Index (MRI) pricing intelligence
  • Improve timeliness and eliminate workflow constraints with real-time tracking of bid status
  • Foster collaboration across multiple users in structuring bids
  • Index and store current and historical bid data for easy reference

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