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Trucking Software for For-Hire Carriers

Wringing greater utilization from every asset while controlling your operating expenses is key to your profitability. From customer service and dispatch through driver settlement, billing and fleet maintenance, Trimble provides scalable enterprise software designed for carrier operations of all shapes and sizes. Our trucking software and maintenance management solutions help your people in the office, in the shop and on the road get more done, more profitably.

Transportation management software

Get end-to-end management of your entire transportation lifecycle to improve operational efficiency and support company growth.

Asset maintenance software

Our solutions help you manage your fleet maintenance processes for greater cost control and improved resource utilization.

Routing, scheduling and dispatch solutions

Improve distribution efficiency and customer service while dramatically reducing planning time, overhead, and empty mileage with a complete platform.

Business intelligence

Leverage actionable insights from our business intelligence and analytics solutions to improve quality, eliminate costs, and grow your business.

Decision support and optimization tools

Our optimization software is specifically designed to work with carriers’ operations software to support better daily decisions that promote profitability, strategic analysis and decision support.

Freight visibility

By exposing the blind spots you didn’t even know you had, freight visibility technology empowers you to win new customers, manage complex demands, and improve profitability.

Cloud and managed services

Free your IT staff from day-to-day maintenance to focus on business improvement and revenue-generating projects.

Addressing the Unique Demands of For-Hire Carriers

For-hire carriers face unique and complex business process challenges; they demand value and ROI from every investment decision. Trucking software from Trimble helps for-hire carriers like you drive better operations today while supporting your growth and diversification tomorrow. Our approach integrates back-office processes with operations solutions, incorporating fleet management and maintenance management as organizations scale up in size.

With insight gained from decades of solving business problems for small carriers, medium-sized and nationwide fleets, Trimble has driven inefficiencies from diverse supply chains and freight networks across North America. Our solutions bring visibility and streamlined transportation execution to asset-based and non-asset logistics service providers; yet every solution still recognizes the importance of visibility and connectivity to a truck and a driver at key stages of the surface transportation journey.

Supporting Specialized Carrier Operations

Specialized carrier operations, from bulk and oversized to LTL and intermodal, from livestock hauling to automobile hauling, from reefer fleets to dedicated carriage and brokerage, can all be supported with our modular approach to trucking technology. Run multiple divisions and operations types on the same Trimble software platform to gain financial visibility, broader business insight and synergy benefits. Each of your groups will work with simplified, focused capabilities that best support their unique business needs, because of our configurable design.

Solutions for Every Carrier

  • Truckload: Do more with what you’ve got, more profitably. Blend data and services from many other providers seamlessly in to your Trimble enterprise transportation management software for single-platform efficiencies.

  • Less-than-truckload: Our LTL carrier software makes it easier to optimize cross-dock and freight capacity planning and execution to improve your LTL rating, freight load planning and business efficiency.

  • Intermodal: For more productive and profitable operations in drayage, and for greater logistics management control and visibility in multi-modal transportation and freight forwarding, turn to Trimble.

  • Bulk: Bulk carriers face tough business and operations challenges. Whether you’re carrying dry materials or liquids, foodstuffs or Hazmat, bulk transportation software from Trimble improves productivity from your people and your assets, streamlining cost control and billing.

"From the time we started rolling out TMW operations, it made it easier on us to streamline our processes, it's very flexible. From the very start, we've been able to put our own flavor within the product with a lot of the hooks that are available within TMW, to make things work the way we need to."

Matthew Battista, Vice President, NFI

Customer Success Stories

We have many examples of how we have provided real solutions for business.

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