Transform your operations with actionable insights. Our resources go deeper into the world of transportation and logistics; exploring industry trends, providing business tips and tricks, outlining best practices and reviewing customer successes.


Best Practices: Succeeding with Better Data Accuracy and Availability

Whether you are moving data into your system or out of it, every day your company works with thousands of records in your TMT databases. Management and cleanliness that data directly affects how your system performs, the availability and accuracy of that data and the resulting success of your teams.

What can better, faster and more accurate data do for your shop?

Improvements in fleet maintenance tools and procedures are benefiting small and medium fleets everyday – by enabling them to make better decisions and improve uptime and safety.


Quarterbacking Your Shop: How ‘Intelligent’ are Your Maintenance Operations

You’re experiencing inefficiencies in the shop and too many powertrain breakdowns. What can you do to see the whole playing field including repeat repairs, preventive maintenance cycles and keep up with the score? You and your team are invited to the huddle to strategize on your next plays for consistent wins. It’s all about bringing business intelligence tools into the fold. 

Learn how to identify and track KPIs that are critical to your maintenance operations; how to deploy effective mechanic and shop scorecards with TMW Reveal; and how to identify (and prevent) inefficiencies and breakdowns by tracking repeat repairs and analyzing your pm cycles.


Exploring Expirations in TMWSuite and How They Can Help or Hurt Your Operations

We have things in our world that expire, but how do we translate that information into something useful. In this webinar, we show you:

  • How to not miss key dates or requirements to keep the fleet running safely.
  • How to allow a dispatcher to override the expiration
  • Two (2) different kinds of expirations that can be assigned to resources
  • Review how expirations can be used to enforce safety requirements and explore how to set up those expirations

No matter where you set the expiration up, they will work in Fuel TMS, TMW Operations and TMWSuite.


Introducing TMWGo! Mobile Apps

You won't want to miss this session if you are interested in Trimble's latest mobile technologies. Learn all about our new tools for better enabling your workforce.

  • TMWGo Driver - Designed to make a driver’s job easier with a gateway to information about planned trips, freight bill information, pay history, display of messages from in-cab mobile comm provider and more. The driver will also be able to communicate with dispatch to request a pay/fuel advance or free-form chat.
  • TMWGo Dispatch - Mobile application for dispatchers or driver managers employed by users of the TMW.Suite TMS. Designed for dispatchers to be able to handle common job functions while away from their computer. 

Going Mobile with New TMT Driver Inspections and RO Connectivity

Often the difference between a truck moving down the road or one stopped on the side of the road is accurate, complete and timely inspections. They are a key part of any fleet’s approach to maintenance, safety and compliance. Making those inspections easy for drivers to adopt, actionable for your shop to use and rich with data for compliance and analysis are keys to the acceptance of any inspection program.

Join us for an introduction to our Asset Inspection Mobile Application designed to put easy to use, integrated, mobile inspections in the hands of your drivers and timely and complete inspection data directly into the hands of your shop team.


Business Process Review - TMT Fleet Maintenance Assessments

Join us for a discussion with the Director of Key Accounts about the Business Process Review - TMT Fleet Maintenance Assessments. This session focuses on how the Professional Services team at Trimble Transportation can help you realize the full potential of your TMT Fleet Maintenance or TMT Service Center product. In this session, we will go over the Professional Service Assessment Options and discuss how this is completed and the potential return on investment. 


Parts Room: Streamline Your Physical Inventory Process

With the new Parts Room app, the parts manager or other employees can use their Android or iOS device to perform a complete physical inventory for the parts room, or narrow the list by bin, part number range or part type. Several filters are available to further streamline the process, including the ability to scan only uncounted parts or parts that show a quantity variance. Users also can scan the part number for lookup in conjunction with an inventory adjustment.

This webinar reviews how to log in and navigate the mobile app, how to do a physical inventory, how to scan parts for inventory and how to adjust inventory.


Predictive Maintenance 201: Beyond Prevention

Preventive maintenance rules of thumb and best practices have been used in fleet shops for decades. Increasingly modern, yet still basic solutions utilize data to focus those general guidelines and turn them into maintenance plans geared for basic equipment monitoring.

Fast forward to the work of today’s proactive and future-focused fleets. Advancing beyond basics, predictive maintenance systems not only monitor, but analyze data from repair orders, fluid analysis, consumption rates, truck telematics, fault codes and other sources to provide predictive information on near-term failures or fault conditions to maintenance directors and their technicians.

Capitalizing on volumes of data, predictive maintenance algorithms keep tractors and trailers rolling smoothly between regularly scheduled shop visits and avoid pending part and system failures. Fewer breakdowns mean higher vehicle uptime, lower maintenance costs and more predictable scheduling and inventories.


Overview of IES Freight Tracker

Visibility is key in transportation and a vital element to the customer experience. Customers want their questions answered and their problems solved quickly. Provide 24/7 support to your customers with Innovative’s Freight Tracker, allowing them to track orders and shipments whenever and wherever they want. Facilitate real-time updates with the custom experience your customers demand.

In this webinar, we walk through the features and setup of IES Freight Tracker, a new web product that allows you to give your customers 24x7 access in a secure manner, to view their orders and shipment details.


Non-Asset Innovator of the Year: Traffix

With the simple mandate to push the limits of their TruckMate transportation management system, Ontario-based 3PL Traffix has leveraged their fully integrated software to maximum potential. See how they run at peak performance and identify ways your business can learn by example.