Transform your operations with actionable insights. Our resources go deeper into the world of transportation and logistics; exploring industry trends, providing business tips and tricks, outlining best practices and reviewing customer successes.


Blockchain: Setting the Record Straight

Shared digital ledgers. Smart Contracts. Keys. Cryptocurrencies. Consortiums. IoT. Blockchain doesn’t have to be confusing. Take an hour with us to unmuddle the apps and explore the possibilities.

Hortonworks Data Visionary Award-Winner Timothy Leonard takes you on a journey to uncover the who, what, when, where and how of Blockchain technology as it applies to businesses in the transportation and logistics sector. Create your competitive edge. 


IES InMotion: Innovative in the Palm of your Hand

You won't want to miss this session if you are interested in Trimble's latest mobile technologies. Learn all about our new tools for better enabling your workforce.

  • IES InMotion Driver - Designed to make a driver’s job easier with a gateway to information about planned trips, freight bill information, pay history, display of messages from in-cab mobile comm provider and more. The driver will also be able to communicate with dispatch.
  • IES InMotion Dispatch - Mobile application for dispatchers or driver managers employed by users of IES TMS. Designed for dispatchers to be able to handle common job functions while away from their computer. 

Business Intelligence Innovator of the Year: Trimac access anytime, anywhere and visibility to your executives on demand. Learn how Trimac combines data sources from multiple Trimble solutions and integrated third-party tools to build robust dashboards, KPIs and a winning formula for business success. Hear how they do it and whether your team can replicate procedures--and profitability.


Selecting a Transportation Management System

The right transportation management system can drive your business and help you gain a competitive advantage through improved service to your customers. With tight capacity, changing spot rates and the driver shortage, the right TMS can help you better address the challenges of today’s supply chain.

But selecting a TMS is never easy. There are a myriad of things to consider, from crucial features and functions to less tangible items like measuring the impact on your customers. Our webinar takes a pragmatic approach and outlines 5 key areas of focus that are essential for selecting the right TMS for your organization, from technical considerations to implementation to quantifying success.


Data-Driven Maintenance: Moving from Proactive to Predictive

Maintenance shops, regardless of their size or IT structure hold a wealth of information. Capitalizing on that data through advanced analysis and turning information into preventative and predictive action is a key and often misunderstood process. Monitoring is not enough.

Hear from Trimble Transportation Sr. Product Manager, Asset Maintenance Solutions, Greg Peck and Royal Trucking, Chief Information Officer, Kent Parkinson for a deep dive into ways your fleet can use data to predict failures before they sideline your fleet, and identify and prevent chronic problems and underperforming resources before they drag down your operation.


Truckload Innovator of the Year: Trans-System

Using TMW.Suite, Trans-System created a sophisticated and interactive notification system with built-in workflow programming. Learn how they created efficiencies on the road, in EDI, detention, order management and more to streamline communications and achieve a 75% reduction in cargo claims.


LTL/Intermodal/Specialty Innovator of the Year: Armour Transportation Systems

In fewer than four years, Armour has achieved top performer status. An automated billing process gives customers accurate and timely billing while reducing overhead. And, utilizing just one app provides full visibility of LTL freight moving through their system. See for yourself and determine which processes can be duplicated in your operations.


The Winning Playbook for Affordable Fleet Maintenance

Success for any sized fleet means safety, equipment uptime and reducing costs. One of the most critical aspects to reaching that is a maintenance program designed to make your company win.

How does your playbook stack up?

Improvements in fleet maintenance tools and procedures are benefiting small and medium fleets every day – by enabling them to make better decisions and improve uptime and safety.


Energy Services Innovator of the Year: Crestwood Operations

Learn how Crestwood Operations uses a full suite of Trimble transportation software to increase visibility, promote efficiency and reduce variable costs in fuel, labor and other operational expenses. 


Best Practices: Capitalize on Your Investments with TMT Warranty Recovery

0%, 1%, 10% - What type of warranty recovery rates do you see for your covered parts? While results can vary, the reality is, many TMT customers average a 10% return on their warranties simply by running the TMT Warranty module the way it was designed to operate. If your number is less than 10 or even 5% in recovery, there may be money on the table that you are missing.

Are you using the Warranty module to its fullest potential? It’s time turn up the heat and take advantage of TMT’s leading tool for ROI. Not yet licensed for the Warranty module? Not to worry. Our team can also help you get access to this critical aspect of TMT.

Don’t let your OEM and parts companies skate past their warranties. Join us for this important session and learn how to re-evaluate your company’s use of the TMT Fleet Maintenance Warranty module.