Chassis Management

Automate Your Chassis Management Operations

TruckMate’s Chassis Management module can help eliminate the aggravation and growing expense of the time-consuming, labor-intensive tasks associated with chassis equipment. Our solution is designed to automate the capture, reconciliation and billing of per-diem charges for chassis. Using a third-party supplier? No problem, as carriers can now establish automated billing for each customer and each shipment. The Module even simplifies tracking chassis pick-ups and drop-offs, locations and timings, to cut down on fees and charges.

For each chassis rented, the module will bring up information on the shipment(s) for which the equipment was used, as well as the billing of chassis charges (if any) that you've already issued to the customer for those shipments. This allows the auditor to verify any unbilled or missed charges. Charges that are identified as customer or 3rd party responsibility can be recouped as a billing invoice. If a billing advice for approval is required prior to invoicing, no problem. And single invoice format, as well as manifest invoice formats, are supported.


  • Track chassis equipment from start to finish Import equipment provider bills
  • Match chassis costs with billings
  • Dispute line items Issue payments
  • Add cost control measures for per diem and demurrage
  • Capture potential chassis per diem charges in advance, to improve budgeting and invoice more accurately