Fuel Purchase Optimizer Gets the Best Price Every Time

With ExpertFuel it only takes seconds to evaluate current fuel prices, remaining truck fuel, vehicle fuel consumption, state tax implications, fuel discount implications, out-of-route miles, your routing and terminal fueling policies, tank fill policies and driver amenities at specific truck stops.

Realize Consistent Savings on Fluctuating Fuel Costs

ExpertFuel blends the technological power of your existing dispatch and mobile communications systems with current and accurate fuel pricing and routing data. It automatically generates fuel purchase and route plans at the time of dispatch and transmits them to drivers through your existing mobile communications system, all without staff intervention.

ExpertFuel Features:

  • Optimize fuel purchases: Monitor and audit your discounts from fuel providers and fuel cards, then negotiate with better information.
  • Get greater visibility: Track and evaluate fuel prices, truck fuel, fuel consumption and fueling policies.
  • Empower your drivers: Automatically provide drivers with fuel purchase and route plans at dispatch.
  • Make operations more efficient: ExpertFuel automatically sends the fuel plan and route to drivers, requiring no extra work for operations staff.
  • Monitor driver compliance: Easily track and report on driver compliance with fueling plans.
  • Connect with existing systems: ExpertFuel integrates with major transportation management and dispatch systems.

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Customer Success Stories

Here is how ExpertFuel has provided real solutions for business and logistics problems.

Customer Success Story
Trimble's ExpertFuel solution is helping Hirschbach Moter Lines, one of North America’s leading refrigerated carriers, save between $100,000 and $350,000 per year. 
Customer Success Story
By implementing an automated fuel optimization solution for TL carriers, the company recognized $70,000 in savings in one quarter and 100% compliance with fueling in the yard.