Innovative IES

A Transportation Management Solution for Every Company

A strong and popular platform for running business applications, IBM’s AS/400 operating platform has high availability, a very stable architecture, and extremely low downtime. Innovative IES is built for AS/400, and incorporates a diverse array of tools designed for the Operations, Administration, Safety and Maintenance needs of today’s carrier. These tools combine to create a completely integrated solution designed with customer needs in mind.

Innovative IES covers almost every aspect of daily activity for the trucking company: from online operations, routing, and mileage, to payroll, accounts payable and receivable, general ledger, fuel taxes, driver logs, and contractor settlements.

Logical Processes, Proven Interfaces

Through logical processes, operations teams can use Innovative IES from order entry through load planning and matching, then on to dispatch and check calls. Enhancing this are proven interfaces to the industry’s leading mobile communications, Fuel, Document Management and EDI vendors.

Additionally, our mobile web application for drivers and dispatch gives you immediate access to the most important functions via smartphone.


Innovative IES Benefits:

  • Operations: users benefit from built-in features designed to facilitate data entry, tracking, and reporting.
  • Recruiting: through our Driver Acquisition module
  • Administration: Information entered through operations, maintenance and safety can feed directly to Innovative’s Administration tools for inclusion in payroll, settlements, computerized rating and billing, fuel taxes and of course, AR, AP, and GL.
  • Safety: With integrated Safety and Risk tools, users can pull information including driver, unit, shipper and load data, directly into cargo and workers compensation claims. This avoids duplicate data entry and minimizes the risk of data error.

Innovative University

Online Training with Innovative University allows Innovative IES, Access and Access Plus customer easy access to the educational tools they need to succeed. 


Innovative IES Add-Ons

Here are some great products that extend the functionality of Innovative IES. Please contact us for additional options.

Innovative IES Integrations

Innovative IES integrates with solutions from many partners. These are just some of the many integrated solutions that are available.

"We can take a lane, we can take a customer and we can put that information together so that in one place you're actually seeing everything associated with that customer. We are able to drill down to the revenue as it compares to another customer, as it compares to other customers in that lane..."

Mike Maijore, Executive Vice President, Metropolitan Trucking


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