Mobile Imaging

Trimble Mobile Imaging Integrated Document Capture Solutions

The Trimble Mobile Imaging solution for TruckMate Dash, IES InMotion and Go apps allows you to automatically and accurately associate a captured image with the correct load. Simple and intuitive to use, it alleviates disruptions to freight settlement caused by mismatched documentation and manual processes, helping transform the laborious process of indexing documents and allowing processing to be done immediately.

  • Go! Mobile app walks drivers step by step through image capture and upload.
  • Automatically associates each captured image with the correct load.
  • No scanning at truck stops, no delays, no manual indexing and far less paperwork.
  • Images include metadata (the load and the doc type) to eliminate back-office research.

The vital first step to streamline your operations.

Trimble Mobile Imaging is a dedicated image capture app that offers more advanced features, ease-of-use and seamless integration to improve the efficiency of document flow across your enterprise.

  • Improve the accuracy of matching paperwork to loads – manual indexing causes a high number of mismatches. Initiate document flow all the way through the TMS so processing is simple and efficient.
  • Reduce billing errors and disputes.
  • Reduce DSO – capture and auto-index images at the moment of discovery to enable immediate processing and faster payment possible.
  • Simplify document capture for drivers – so they can focus on safely delivering freight on time and less on required paperwork.