Exception Monitoring for Trip Status

TripAlert makes your truck-tracking GPS systems smarter, improving utilization and reducing service exceptions. With route plan monitoring, it tracks your vehicles in real time against the approved and dispatched route to spot OOR problems as they occur. With order and trip knowledge from your dispatch system, TripAlert also projects late loads to send early warnings and identifies swap opportunities for loads to help you maximize utilization.

Connected to your dispatch software, TripAlert generates the most efficient route line as soon as you dispatch a driver. Then it monitors vehicle location continuously through your truck tracking data to spot out-of-route activity.


TripAlert Benefits:

  • Leverage the full power of your dispatch and truck tracking systems
  • Tie routing, dispatch and GPS systems together for true, real-time asset tracking
  • Notify dispatchers automatically by email as problems are developing Improve utilization with automatic swap opportunity notices
  • Coach drivers and dispatchers with extensive trip reporting, both real-time and historical

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