Integrated TMS with Dispatch, Operations and Accounting

TruckMate® is a comprehensive and proven multi-modal dispatch, operations and accounting system used by many of today’s leading carriers. Its integrated functionality and flexibility give you the edge to drive efficiency while offering the scalability to grow as you do. Plus, with so many built-in options, TruckMate can handle the demands of even the most complex trucking companies whether your business supports one industry segment or many, whether you operate with or without your own assets and drivers.

From LTL to truckload, intermodal, brokerage and PnD operations or any combination of them, TruckMate will support your needs, every step of the way. TruckMate can handle multi-company and multi-currency situations including dealing with VAT(value added taxes).

Transportation Management Made Easy

TruckMate makes your business more efficient and profitable, giving you full control over dispatch, auto rating, driver payables, billing, customer service and reporting functions, plus integrated accounting.

Easy to navigate, TruckMate can handle the demands of even the most complex international trucking companies. From LTL to truckload, intermodal, brokerage operations or any combination, TruckMate will support your needs every step of the way.

TruckMate Benefits:

  • Expand your business across multiple transportation modes with a single TMS to support 2x, 3x or higher revenue growth with lower IT costs
  • Increase customer satisfaction with on-time deliveries, lower costs and streamlined EDI
  • Optimize last mile deliveries
  • Consolidate loads, increase trailer utilization, and reduce unnecessary charges
  • Make better load assignments, reduce empty miles on average and increase revenue per mile
  • Optimize truck-safe routing to remove wasted mileage
  • Lower operational costs by automating billing, driver payroll, collections, and more

TruckMate for LTL

Adaptable, powerful, Whether you’re terminal-centric, a regional LTL, a local P&D, a freight consolidator or all of the above, TruckMate combines speed, flexibility and operational tools to adapt to customer needs and drive profitability. The advanced billing system can handle the most challenging rating requirements of customers and outside carrier partners for accuracy, every time. Plus, TruckMate handles high freight bill volumes, increases rating accuracy for better margins, plans cross-dock movement, optimizes delivery routes, and provides real-time management information.

TruckMate for Intermodal Much more than container tracking.

TruckMate manages the containers, drivers, power units, carriers and chassis used to get containers where they need to be. Plan complex movements with the click of a mouse and increase utilization efficiency. Warnings and flags help avoid demurrage and per diem charges, or pass them on for quick billing to customers. Increased visibility allows you to clearly display lift charges and drayage costs on the freight bill. TruckMate even includes an integrated container yard management system so you can add service offerings and income opportunities.

TruckMate for Truckload All the information, just the way you need it.

Simplicity and ease-of-use make TruckMate a powerful choice. It lets planners and dispatchers configure their own screen views to match their specific requirements. Need information fast? Filter by zone, terminal, driver manager, inbound, outbound and more. Plus, TruckMate improves productivity because dispatch information flows seamlessly into Billing, Driver Payables, Fuel Tax and Maintenance, enabling real-time profitability reporting. The bottom line? It makes you faster, more accurate, more profitable.

TruckMate for Brokerage It covers all the options.

Whether you’re purely a brokerage operation or combined with LTL, truckload or intermodal, TruckMate offers the support you need. It gives you the competitive edge to find the right carrier quickly. Choose based upon pre-negotiated rates, historical rates, carrier truck availability and location plus current assignments—with our connected partners network. Streamline operations for profitability with integrated accounting that tracks revenue, payables and commission from order entry to financials. Ramp up communications with carriers, agents and clients using tools like the TM4Web online portal and EDI for improved customer service.

TruckMate Add-Ons

Here are some great products that extend the functionality of TruckMate. Please contact us for additional options.

TruckMate Integrations

TruckMate integrates with solutions from many partners. These are just some of the many integrated solutions that are available.

"With TruckMate, we were able to cut down our costs and it has made us more efficient. It has made us more profitable because I am able to pull financial reporting that is specific to power units, that's specific to lanes that we service and look at all the costs associated, in one place, in one database."

Dorothy Vankoughnett, Controller/ I.T. Manager, Berry and Smith Trucking


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Customer Success Stories

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