Business Intelligence

Get Deep Business Insights for Critical Decision-Making.

Combine and easily analyze the big data sourced from multiple separate systems inside or outside your company. Get the deep business insight you need for critical decision-making, to spot opportunities and to support continuous improvement.

Trimble Business Intelligence Enables You To:

  • Remove barriers to your data for faster, better business decisions

  • Collect and analyze your business-critical data across multiple software and data systems
  • Create dashboards to distribute business insight, including real-time details about revenues, costs and operations impacting your bottom line
  • Understand and control cross-departmental processes that impact profitability

Integrated Business Data

Trimble Reveal brings actionable intelligence to every decision-maker in your business. Data for TMS, AMS, Mobile Communication and more are already integrated into a logical data model, and the Reveal UI enables anyone to find what they need with just a few clicks. Access reports, Scorecards, Dashboards, Multi-Layer Thematic Maps and more.

Smarter Bid Management 

Our Engage.Bid technology handles the high-stakes world of bid management and pricing, taking on the complexities of multi-round RFPs and lane files of all types and sizes. It organizes and indexes contracts and addendums, providing a digital, easy-access library of all the freight that comes in the door. Now you can price with conviction without leaving a penny on the table!

End-to-End Business Intelligence

Put powerful, flexible and easy-to-use data mining tools in the hands of your key decision-makers with the Trimble Data Warehouse transportation analytics, Data Warehouse Explorer and Transportation Analytics solutions. Trimble transportation management and fleet management software is the foundation for a new level of business understanding, made possible by our integration of multiple data sources across your enterprise and external providers.

Business Intelligence Products

"We use the BI product to measure our operational performance. We'll look at our revenue, break that down to our parent customer which would break down to our bill-tos and we'll drill that all the way down to the lane level to determine if we are profitable on a given lane or if we need to go back and look at it a little further."

Max Collins, Director of Technology, CMAC Transportation 


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